About Us

About Us

Warsztaty Kultury w Lublinie (project coordinator)
Poland, Lublin

Workshops of Culture is a municipal cultural institution of Lublin, Poland. Our programming focuses on promoting the practice of “active culture”. We create culture: modern, interactive, interdisciplinary and innovative. Everyday application of modern technologies in cultural education and in the promotion of cultural heritage also constitute the core of our mission. [click for more info]

Aalto Fablab
Finland, Espoo

Aalto Fablab invites many kinds of users and doers. However the students of Aalto University do occupy the machines, tools and spaces mostly, more and more users are coming outside the university. Aalto Fablab is a unique place where students, artists, designers, entrepreneurs and hobbyists are meeting, changing ideas and creating the future in between working with their prototypes, innovations and art works. Aalto Fablab includes all the tools of a fully equipped Fablab and if the users have more traditional needs, the neighbouring workshops are also in use. In the wood and metal workshops you can machine and build big and small projects and the sewing workshop offers all kinds of machines for prototyping items from fabrics and other soft materials. [click for more info]

Portugal, Messejana

Buinho provides access to equipment like 3D printers, laser cutter, or CNC Mill, and the specialized staff support. We also offer private accommodation, working studios, a Precious Plastic workspace, and machine shop, all within a residency program open for creatives from different disciplines. Buinho educational strand is dedicated to the promotion of digital literacy on children and senior population of rural areas. Our teaching interests are mainly in the areas of digital fabrication, coding and robotics, while focusing on the transversal themes of climate change and community resilience. [click for more info]

Fab Lab Reykjavík
Iceland, Reykjavík

Fab Lab Reykjavík is the creative hub for Reykjavík, here innovators, makers, artists and students share a space to create a better future. Fab Lab Reykjavík is the largest Fab Lab in Iceland,steaming with life the and receives 8500 visits a year. Fab Lab Reykjavík has launched a number of educational projects in the field of innovation and is a powerful partner in a variety of innovation projects. Fab Lab Reykjavík is a fully equipped digital fabrication Fab Lab, but most importantly full of creative people. Fab Lab Reykjavík is a collaborative project of the City of Reykjavík, the Fjölbrautaskólinn í Breiðholti and the Icelandic Innovation Center. The goal of the partnership is to support the creativity of citizens, develop innovative ideas and enhance technical literacy. [click for more info]

Robisz.to Association
Poland, Warsaw

Robisz.to Association is a community of Makers, professionals and hobbyists, who share a common passion for making and teaching others how to create based on technological knowledge and craftsmanship skills. In our activity we treat these as tools to bring positive social changes - we work with groups who suffer exclusion and discuss topics important for the community. Nurturing creative skills leads to positive social changes, which we have the opportunity to observe during workshops and educational projects. [click for more info]

Coopérative Artefacts
France, Orléans

Coopérative Artefacts is a social economy structure, which welcomes and supports entrepreneurs whose projects fall under the sector of creative industries. Founded in 2010, based in Orléans and Tours, with units in Nantes and Paris, Artefacts offers its cooperative members various working spaces (dance stage, theatre, hackerspace, training room, FabLab). Situated in the La Source part of Orléans, Les Arteliers, is one of those spaces. Dedicated to the cultural and artistic expression, it is open to the members of the cooperative and to external creators. Artefacts’ FabLab occupies a part of Les Arteliers enabling creation and fabrication, as well as supporting learning and sharing between the different users. One of Artefacts unit is L'Atelier 216, a makerspace based in Tours. It provides participative and thematic workshops, open to everyone who wants to learn, as well as personal support - access and advice for building own projects [click for more info]

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